Archaeology at the Crossroads: Addressing Modern Challenges and Opportunities

This session organized by the AeGIS Athena RC Lab (D.Tsiafaki & V. Evangelidis) and the Amykles Research Center (S. Vlizos) highlights the evolving terrain of new approaches in archaeological research within Greek sites, emphasizing the growing integration of mapping techniques, the documentation of all the data and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools. Its primary objective is to illustrate how these innovative methods empower excavations not only for in-depth analysis but also for the efficient management of archaeological materials. Real-world case studies will be explored, offering a firsthand look at the transformative influence of geophysics, excavation recording systems, GIS and mapping within archaeological projects. The session serves as a hub for interdisciplinary collaboration, promoting the exchange of insights and knowledge among archaeologists, GIS specialists, and technology enthusiasts in the field. It prioritizes the cultivation of cross-disciplinary partnerships and the tackling of pressing concerns, including climate change, globalization, and the ethical considerations associated with digital technologies. These issues directly impact the preservation and promotion of cultural diversity and heritage. By critically analyzing this nexus, the session endeavors to deliver valuable perspectives and strategies for sustaining the enduring relevance of cultural heritage in our rapidly transforming society.